There are members of council who have been dedicated to keep the association updated on issues like:

  • Accounting practices – Changes to legislation, interpretation and application thereof.
  • Economics & Taxation – due to our link with the Minerals Council of South Africa we are constantly updated by their economist & other lobby groups, not only on current issues affecting the industry (clarification & application) but also what is planned in the future by Governmental Policy & International trends.
  • Malpractice and Fraud – Updates on current status (we have links to Audit Firms, etc.) and tips on prevention.
  • Retirement Funds & Medical Aid performance – Because Council Members are on various Boards of Sentinel and WCMAS, we can provide thorough feedback on not only Sentinel and WCMAS but also other funds our members subscribe to.
  • Procurement/Commodities Management – We deal with mostly the same suppliers and experience the same problems; therefore, we can share experiences and best practices.
  • HR & Payroll – Legislation changes, wage negotiations updates & other IR issues are provided from feedback as SACAFMA links into the South African Collieries Human Resources Association (SACHRA)
  • Social Media – A new exciting portfolio