How we work

History and premise for existence
SACAFMA was formed back in 1986 when the then called Mine Secretaries & Administrative Managers of the COM affiliated Coal Mining Houses got together to debate, discuss and resolve common matters of the day. Since then the Association has grown with the changing times and now include members from all the sub financial disciplines including Supply Chain, Commercial and Payroll.

What do we stand for?
We are directed by SACMA and assist them in fulfilling their objectives by aligning ours with theirs, we disseminate relevant information from and to the other associations, we lobby with the COM & other institutions when required and create a platform for open discussion on various financial topics, within our industry and also on international and domestic economic trends and accounting legislation. We strive to create meaningful networking opportunities amongst our members by exposing them to changes in the industry through talks and presentations by professionals on topical issues of the day.

At our meetings we follow a set agenda and discuss the complete value chain of the coal industry, ranging from safety, malpractice & fraud, economic & taxation through to feedback on the performance of relevant Pension funds & Medical Aids. Here we host two type of presentations on the day, firstly a professional on pre-determined topics and secondly on collaborative “share my idea” by one of our members. (Best practices of any kind we can benefit from).

During all of our discussions we are guided by our adherence to the Competition Law/Anti-trust principles and will not divulge or discuss any information that could be damaging to our companies. In this regard we are very strict and members have the right to object at any time if it is felt we have transgressed.

Technical support teams
These are members of council who have been dedicated to keep the association updated ion issues like:

  • Accounting practice – Changes to legislation, interpretation and application thereof.
  • Economics & Taxation – due to our link with the COM we are constantly updated by their economist & other lobby groups not only on current issues affecting the industry(clarification & application) but also what is planned in the future by Governmental Policy & International trends.
  • Malpractice and Fraud – Updates on current status (we have links to Audit Firms, etc) and also tips on prevention.
  • Retirement Funds & Medical Aid’s performance – because one of our council members is on the Investment Board of Sentinel we can provide thorough feedback on not only Sentinel but also other funds. This also applies to the various medical schemes our members subscribe to.
  • Procurement/Commodities management – we all deal with mostly the same suppliers experience the same problems and can share experiences. Here we also set up task teams to visit suppliers when common problems like supply shortages are experienced.
  • HR & Payroll – Legislation changes, wage negotiations updates & other IR issues are provided from feedback as SACAFMA links into SACHRA.

Technical visits
These visits are focused on the Coal Mining Industry specific and are meant to enlighten and enhance the knowledge of our member’s understanding of certain processes and products and facilitate great networking opportunities. Past visits included Richards Bay Coal & Minerals Terminal and SHELL site visit in Durban to name a few. Planned future visits include: JOY Mining, Kloppersbos, Grootegeluk Colliery etc. but more is added on members request.


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